About us

COMPRA was founded in 2004. Since the beginning of our business operation, we have been closely related to the town of Belchatow. Compra is a quickly developing company, which has put a strong emphasis on adjusting its business to customers’ and legal requirements since its very foundation.

With a view to meet these expectations, we do our best to align our decisions in order to provide comprehensive service comprising collection and treatment of wastes produced in companies and households.

The decisions we currently practice allow us to transport and collect most waste, including scrap metal of various sort, plastics, broken glass, waste paper, hazardous waste, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment

By constantly extending the scope of our services and investments, we are becoming a recycling hub, which will soon take a leading position on the waste market in Poland.

We have a transport fleet and stationary waste presses with tanks, which enable us to provide efficient services to entities located in many places in thecountry.

As regards the area of waste trade, we cooperate with the largest recyclers in Poland, Europe and Asia.